When is the perfect time to start drumming? Now, of course! As with any musical instrument, skills typically come with time and dedication. It doesn’t matter if you’re 8 or 80, now is the perfect time for you to start.

We talked about Music Therapy last week, but what benefits can playing music bring to your life? Well, there are the obvious benefits: happiness, increased coordination, and pride. What about inner peace, increased memory, improved cognitive brain function? These all are equally as important for developing brains, developed brains, and deteriorating brains.


Mobility and dexterity are a huge part of percussion, but think about how a drummer sees rhythm and energy flow. If you can train your brain to focus on these principals your spacial reasoning will improve. If you are able to make a link between the way you move your body and the flow of energy, you are bound to make new connections on a spiritual level. When you are in tune with the flow of your body, you are able to communicate your feelings more accurately. This is true for people of all ages, and at all places in their lives.


Drumming reduces tension, anxiety, and is a great outlet for stress. Everyone can benefit from this. Music is the perfect medium for self-realization, and self-work. Through music we are able to connect internally with ourselves, and others. Drumming has also proven to increase academic focus which can result in higher grades.


Mozart was 8 years old when he composed his first symphony. Naoko Takada was just 11 when she first performed with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. By age 7 Ahmir Thompson, professionally known as Questlove, was performing on stage along side his parents. It’s never too young to start your kids!


At K-Train Music Studios we offer private lessons for any age, as well as group sessions. K-Train Drum Crew was formed by Mike Harrison in 2017 to meet a need for structured youth sessions, and causal adult sessions. Group sessions cover many forms of percussion including: drum sets, street and bucket drumming, world percussion, recording, and live performances. Drop us a line today if you are ready to start now!


Bonus : These make a great first birthday gift!

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