Breaking an artistic block


As an artist there is great fulfilment in both the process and the product. When we’re working in our element there are moments of great success, but the pendulum must swing both ways. It’s been said before, and it will always be true. There is no good without bad. There is no light without dark. We’ve all been in the moment where the good stuff is just pouring out. Then there are the times when an artistic block makes it seem like you’re running blind in a labyrinth .


We’ve put together a few ideas on how to crush through your artistic block, regardless of your creative medium!

Look around you.

Are your surroundings what you need them to be right now? Think hard about what you’re working on. Every project is different. Sometimes it can be valuable to tweak your practise a little. When you’re work becomes clinical it loses it’s magic.


Go somewhere else.

Take a break! Where do you feel most free? If its possible right now, go there. If not, try going somewhere quiet and taking your mind to your sweet spot. A little meditation is always helpful. You can try a walk, or a quiet drive. Focus on the forward motion and allow your mind settle. Pick things up a little later.

Get moving.

Loosen up! If you’re sitting in your studio and you just can’t make anything come out, it’s time to move. You can’t get your creative juices moving, so you might as well get your blood pumping!  Elevating your heart rate will get your blood flowing faster. This will cause more oxygen to move to your brain. The more oxygen that’s on its way to your brain, the greater your cognition is. You could be back on track in as little as 15 minutes!

Look for inspiration.

Who and what inspires you? Listen to a song that really evokes emotion in you. Happy, excited, mellow, anything really! So long as you’re feeling something different from stuck in an artistic rut!


Try checking out something in a medium that is not your own. Realize that comedians, graphic designers, painters, potters as well as other musicians face artistic block! Listening to a bit that gives you a laugh might remind you of something that you’ve just got to share with the world! Try a listening to a song outside of your genre. If you’re a classical pianist, listen to some of the funky baselines reggae has to offer. If you’re into blues turn on some pop music!


Don’t forget you can be your own biggest inspiration. Try listening to a tune that really makes you remember a time when you didn’t have enough places to put your ideas. Revisit some of your earlier work and see where you came from. Maybe you notice things that just don’t seem right, this is a great starting point for new work. It’s easy to be our own critic, but its a challenge to see our former selves as an inspiration!


We hope these tips help you to smash through your artistic block. If you have any ideas you’d like to share with us, we are eager to hear them!

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