Australia to Vanuatu, Vanuatu to Australia, Australia to Papua New Guinea – this is Oceania.


As we see 2019 inching closer we’re thrilled to be in Oceania. When a new year approaches most of us find ourselves looking forward or back. While we’re on these trips we try to live in the moment, and really be present for our Gimme the Beat guests. We’re spending our time in the present while we’re here in Oceania. At home, this is time of reflection, planning, and organizing for festivities. We see the ebbs and flows in what lies behind us and all that is before us. But here, well we’re here for today!


When you’re away from the usual, scheduled grind and you’re moving through the world, documenting the lives and cultures of others, life looks a little different. You spend a lot of time awake when your friends and families at home are sleeping. This might seem like a solitary life, but we have each other. Another thing we have is a lot of time to ourselves, when our minds are able to quiet and really reflect. This is why we are able to be so present. Our time away is time with ourselves. We’re embracing other cultures, and we’re in a place with (almost) no one we know. It’s kind of empowering to walk around somewhere that no one knows you. Spending less time at home allow us to really enjoy our the time we have there, with our loved ones.

Lessons Learned

This year one of our greatest lessons has been to just go with it. A great example is when we decided we didn’t have enough time to really explore Vanuatu in our scheduled time there. We opted to switch our flights up, and skip French Polynesia for now. This is certainly something we’ll be taking with us into 2019. Also a touch of the humility of the people we’ve met on our trips this year if we can!


Our arrival in Oceania

We arrived first in Australia with a bit of a layover, and then headed for Port Villa, Vanuatu. Vanuatu is an archipelago in Oceania made up of a little over 80 islands. The total populations of Vanuatu is 276,244 (2017). Port Villa is a large, lively village of 44,039 (2009). After the long trip and a quick rest Erik and Kelsey checked out the markets and set out for Cascade falls on horseback! This is when it was realized that our original travel plans wouldn’t allow us adequate time to visit everywhere we needed to for this scouting trip.


We spent time on Tanna Island where we climbed Mount Yasur, one of 9 active volcanoes in the country. It is so incredible to see an active volcano spewing molten lava, and creating new life here. Time was spent with Olive at the Hawksbill Turtle Conservation Project on Tranquility Island. We snorkelled, swam, and sailed! Next up was the Blue Lagoon, where we swam in crystal clear, cyan waters and took a good look around. We were fortunate to spend time with the peoples of the Teouma Vao Village. We experienced a unique culture, one that we are looking forward to visiting again. Hopefully next time we are in Oceania!


We grabbed a quick flight back to Sydney, Australia to make a connecting flight to Papua New Guinea. Our Oceania scouting trip is off to an excellent start. We’ll check in next week.



PS. We’ve got gift cards at the studio – the perfect gift for you last minuters out there!

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