Well, that’s a wrap for trips in 2018! Erik and Kelsey have returned from their scouting trip in Oceania.


We mentioned last week that we are really learning to take things is stride while we’re travelling. When we amended our travel plans to give us some more time in Vanuatu, we acquired a much needed rest day in Sydney, Australia before we headed to Papua New Guinea.


North! To Papua New Guinea

New Guinea is a large island in the south pacific. Papua New Guinea, opposite Papua, is the eastern portion of the island and includes the smaller surrounding islands. The population of the country is upwards of 8 million. Much of the population made up of tribal villages rich with unique, traditional culture.


The peoples of Papua New Guinea welcomed us warmly. We spent our time in New East Britain, a province in the north east of the country. Papua New Guinea is home to many, many unique languages. New East Britain is no exception, with sixteen Austronesian languages spoken here!


We caught a ride on a helicopter to the remote Kupgen village, and saw the fantastic Tuke Waterfall. The villagers here were just as excited to see us, as we were to see them. They shared traditional dance and song with us which was incredibly moving. We were able participate, by trying on some of the traditional wares, and tapping on the Kundu drum.

Home for the Holidays

Our team arrived home after one of the most significant wind storms in our area’s history. Residents all over British Columbia, particularly Vancouver Island were without power for up to 7 days, even more in a few rural areas. Luckily the city and utility companies worked tirelessly to restore power and repair damages done.


Now that Christmas has come and gone, we were so happy to be home for the holidays.  We are spending some more time with our loved ones over the last bit of 2018 – before gearing up for a busy January! 2018 was wonderful, and 2019 is going to be a big year for our projects. Our teams will be off to three destinations in January. More on that later, for now it’s time to take a seat and soak up the last few, fleeting moments of this year!

See you in 2019, friends!

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