Woah! How did that happen? It’s 2019 and we have the world at our doorstep.



Our scouting team will be heading to Africa early in 2019. However, our trip roster is still tentative. These trips take a great deal of research and planning. We need to be on top of visas, additional travel documents, and travel advisory’s. And we need to do this for each country we wish to enter. Like we said, we’re focusing on taking things in stride, letting the travel plans come together organically!


It’s tricky to estimate how much time we need to spend in each location to adequately scout where we’ll be sending our host Gillian and our interview team. Beyond percussion, one of the most important things for us to to learn about is the culture. We want to set ourselves up for success on future trips.



In early 2019 we will see Gillian and a few members of our production team head to the Japanese Archipelago. Japan is made up of four islands. The islands together are about 12 times the size of our home, Vancouver Island.


We will be setting down on the largest island in the Japanese Archipelago, Honshu. The country is divided into 47 prefectures, and most of our time will be spent in the country’s metropolis, Tokyo.


When Gillian and the team arrive in Japan they will explore deeply the ancient traditions, and the modern world of Taiko drumming. This family of drums was first used as a method of communication during war times. You can expect to hear stories of our time in Japan right here under What’s New soon!



We’re hoping that our travel plans line up so some of our team can head down to the 2019 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. We send team members to the NAMM Show, the Summer NAMM Show, and SXSW each year if our schedules allow it. We find these to be invaluable networking opportunities, and times to catch up with contact and friends we’ve made in years past.


2019 is shaping up to be one of our best years yet, and we’re really excited to share our work with you all!

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