Arriving home from The NAMM Show, to our much cooler climate was a bit of a shock, but we were happy to arrive safely.


Our Arrival

We left Nanaimo around 11:00 the day before The NAMM Show officially kicked off in Anaheim. A bit of a lay over in Vancouver, and then we were in the sky for sunset. Have you ever watched the sun set from above the clouds? It’s like rainbow with colours you didn’t even know existed. And it’s all around you! The light seems to linger for so much longer than when your feet are firmly planted on the earth.


When our plane begins it’s decent that’s when the real magic began. Watching the earth morph from a 2D arial suddenly bursting into 3D life! Quickly the flat picture we’d been looking down at began sprouting up into mountains, hills, and structures. It forces you take a minute to think about where you are in your own world. Deep thoughts followed by a smooth landing, all thanks to WestJet! Touchdown at LAX was around 7:30pm, and we were excited to gather our bags and head for home base in Anaheim.

The Show

If there is one word that sums up all that is The NAMM Show it has to be BIG! Big stage, big sounds, big talent, big venue, big opportunities, and if you haven’t heard it before – big blisters! There’s a whole lot of “First time at NAMM” blogs out there and they all say “drink lots of water and wear comfortable shoes.” Great advice, on both accounts!


We spent our first day walking around the convention centre, speaking to people and getting a feel for our surroundings. The list of exhibitors doesn’t look that overwhelming on paper, but in person it’s an entirely different story! Fortunately the people in charge at The NAMM Show know what they’re doing after 30 years – the booths are organized very well! Strings over here, brass over there, woodwind and percussion each had their own homes. We heard someone refer to the percussion area as the “put your earplugs in section.” We headed out of the conference in the late afternoon and would be arriving well prepared the following morning. Creating a list of where to be and when to be there was on the schedule for Thursday evening!


Having a plan made the show a lot easier to manage over the next few days. However, it’s equally as important to be flexible so you don’t miss out on great shows and opportunities! Jean Davoisne was kind enough to invite one of our team to a friend of his’ show! That was an incredible experience. Jean’s long-time friend Nova, along with Printz and their bandmates make up Parker Lane – (listen here!!) We were so glad to have been in attendance for their set! We can’t stop listening now!


Wrapping our time up at the show was bittersweet. Sore feet, a full heart, lots of new friends, and big plans for 2019 – all things that we took home. See you this summer at The NAMM Show in Nashville!


The Scenic Route

On the list for “places to visit in LA” is the Venice Beach Boardwalk and the Santa Monica Pier. We visited both!


Venice was up first. We headed down to the canals during daylight, looping back around to the life guard tower for sun down. Warm pastels painted the perfect backdrop for the surfers catching the last waves of the day in Dogtown. Venice is a vibrant community, even in winter – the off season. Eclectic people moved through the night on skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, and bicycles. Wherever they were headed, they were going to get there quicker than anyone would by foot.


Friday night Siri re-routed us through a few traffic jams and helped us make our way to the Santa Monica Pier just in time to catch a time-lapse of the sunset. Our playlist for this drive was punctuated by some SoCal quintessentials – RHCP, Coconut Records, Dr. Dre & Snoop, and of course a little Sublime. We didn’t jump on any rides but we did get a chance to see some sweet buskers!



That’s all for this week! Please do get in touch if you have any questions about our time at The NAMM Show or if you’d just like to touch base with us! Our Interview team will be back from Japan in early February! You can expect a thorough recap of that trip next Thursday!

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