Connection is hard to explain. Between people it’s either there, or it isn’t. And it’s really, really hard to fake if it’s not there.


There are all different kinds of connection. In our documentary we talk about the connection to music, as well as our guests connection to a higher being or higher self. We touch on our guests connecting with new people in their field of work or study, and their ability to do so with and without music.


We’re connecting with new people daily either through interviews or on the back end putting together our schedules and itineraries! Gillian makes light work of forming a connection with anyone she meets, so it’s no surprise that she has warmed right up to all of our guests so far! We’re lucky to have such an honest and engaging woman leading us around the world to make these connections.


Over the last few days while we’ve been in LA filming, our team – Gillian in particular, has made some really deep connections. It’s beguiling to look back and see how many different people from different walks of life have shared their stories with us since we began this project.


For interviews this week we’re two down, and two to go. We mentioned that this trip would be full of unique guests, so here is your update on the first half!


Ashley Moyer

This trip to California landed us in a North Hollywood Studio with live-wire Ashley “SAYWUT?” Moyer, an epic beatboxer. Ashley is an artist in all areas of her life. The way she speaks is rhythmic. Our talks surrounded her life and her passion for beatboxing as well as her community work surrounding alternative music outlets.┬áThis bold and beautiful womyn is from Albuquerque, New Mexico and has a long list of credits for both her musical career and her community involvement. She puts a great deal of effort into areas like environmentalism, promoting social and cultural issues, and creating equality for the LGBTQ+ community. We’re all big fans of Ashley!

Harvey Mason Sr.

Day two brought us to the stunning home of Harvey Mason Sr. This man hit the nail on the head with everything that he said during our session. Harvey’s description of what sets a good drummer apart from a great drummer was perfect. He spoke to his experiences in studios working as a session drummer and how poignant it is to be able to hear the music and know exactly what it’s missing. Adding his touch and elevating many films, songs, and musical groups has been a constant through his career. His disposition was relaxed and cool, yet powerful. We were fortunate to have shared a day with this legend.


We’re going to be wrapping down here in LA on Friday and heading home for a few days. We’ll have folks heading to Texas for SXSW and Louisiana for Mardi Gras. You know where to find us during the week and we’ll be back here next Thursday!



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