So we told you this would be a busy month, but when you look at it all on paper is was a crazy month! Collectively our crew has been abroad for over 100 days! Here is a recap on our time in India!


The Vibe

It was some of our crews first time in India, and the thought was unanimous – India is like no where else on Earth. There is a spiritual element to the culture that is tangible. It’s in the air. You can see it and feel it everywhere you go. The streets have a bustle, without being chaotic. Everything seems to move in a disorganized harmony.


Interviews in Chennai

A highlight was our time with Ghatam master Suresh Vaidyanathan. Suresh is one of India’s most notable percussionists. It was an honour to hear his stories and share in conversation.¬†We spent six days in Chennai filming interviews and dialogue with Gillian and our guests before our crew headed to New Delhi. From New Delhi we were on our way to a town called Vrindavan for Holi Festival.


Vrindavan and Holi Festival

If you haven’t heard of Holi, I’m sure you’ve come across a photo or two. Holi is the Indian celebration of spring, aptly dubbed the festival of colours! A free-for-all of sorts, where powdered paint, wet paint, water balloons and more are thrown about in public places. The streets are teeming with men and women of all ages, covered in, and throwing paint. Everyone is fair game.


People move through the streets with drums and other noisemakers, playing music and spreading cheer. It was an experience, at the very least! One of our crew had his sunglasses ripped clean off of his head by a monkey. Truthfully, the streets were incredibly congested and the paint was not ideal for our camera equipment!


After our experience in Vrindavan we made our way back to New Dehli where we explored several historical sites from the mid-late 1500’s. We visited Safdarjung’s Tomb, The Tomb of Isa Khan, and Humayun’s Tomb on our last few days in India. Both the architecture and the landscaping was immaculate, and very well maintained. Considering Canada is officially only 150 years old, we don’t have this type of history at home. It’s always fun to take a step back in time and imagine just who may have walked by you on the same day so many years ago!



In addition to India and Texas we had crew in Los Angeles, the Australian Outback as well as the Philippines so far this month! More on that next week!

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