We filmed in Australia back in July of 2018. We had an incredible trip and were glad to send another crew back to the Land Down Under!


PADI Certification

The focus of this trip was to capture a lot of B-Reel for Gimme The Beat. Our photographer for this trip kicked things off in Cairns by taking the PADI Open Water Diver course, in addition to the PADI Adventure Diver course. The two courses are physically and mentally challenging. The later requires three adventure dives focusing on different components such as underwater photography and fish identification. Australias Great Barrier Reef made the perfect backdrop for this learning experience!


The Great Barrier Reef is the worlds largest coral reef, and the only living thing visible from space. It is one of a kind, and truly remarkable. The underwater landscape is full of sea creatures, and underwater life. Fortunately our crew encountered species of fish, turtles, rays, dolphins and even sharks! The abundant colours, and graceful movements were inspiring!


Alice Springs and back to Cairns

Next up, Alice Springs — the heart of the Australian Outback! Most of Australias populations are concentrated along it’s coasts. Alice springs is nearly the dead centre of the continent, so the colours and geography are much different than your typical views of sandy beaches and crystal clear, cyan waters. Our crew spent just over a week exploring “The Red Centre” of Australia.


We’ll tell you about some of the highlights from this leg of the trip! Ayers Rock, or Uluru is a mammoth sandstone monolith protruding 863m above sea level. The contrast between Uluru and the vast flatness of the dessert it is surrounded by was profound. We also spent an evening checking out the Field of Lights at Uluru, the field of lights is an interactive art installation that spans over seven football fields and includes 50,000 individual light spindles.


Our King’s Canyon hike, an overnight trip, with extensive views of the dome formations in the area, was amazing! We also made time to visit the Garden of Eden, a permanent body of water surrounded by lush plant life at the bottom of the Canyon. Though inviting, swimming in the watering holes is prohibited due to its sacred history, and to protect the many species that call it home. We also took a ride in an outback hot air balloon to see the sheer openness of the outback! What a sight!


Our crew headed back to Cairns for our last three days, and made great use of time. Some of our last excursions were hiking in the Daintree Rainforest and around Fitzroy Island!


This was a long trip, flanked by time in California on either end! It’s nice to have a quick rest at home before moving onto the next adventure! Our Interview team arrived in Rio de Janeiro this week, stay tuned for a review of our time in Brazil!

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