Hey Guys! Thanks for joining us again to talk a bit more about our time in Brazil! Last week we filled you in on the locations we visited while in beautiful Rio De Janeiro. Today we’re here to share a bit about the beat in Brazil, and our gracious interview guests!


The Beat

We’re grateful to have organized such a passionate team to help with the delivery of this story! Producing a documentary requires a bit of a journalistic mind, the ability to follow a beat is super important. For Gimme The Beat, the beat we follow is rhythm!  What it means to people, how it feels to people, and how it ties different ideas, and parts of your life together.


In Brazil music has been influenced by the Indigenous peoples of the land, in addition to Indian, African, and European cultures. Each brings a special element to the vibe of Brazilian music. One of our interview guest, Guilherme Cardoso described the diversity of rhythms in Brazil as inexhaustible.


Luiz Guello and Carlos Di Stasi

We met Luiz and Carlos on a patio on a warm, sunny afternoon in Brazil. Just kidding, it was scorching hot! For our subsequent interviews we made sure to set up under shade structures. Lesson learned. Brazil is hot!


Luiz and Carlos are both highly educated. They have completed extensive studies in academics and music. They shared how they got their start in music and what rhythm means to each of them. Gillian asked about the sound and unique rhythm that Brazilian music has, and their descriptions were spot on!

Guilherme Cardoso

Our second interview in Brazil was with Guilherme Cardoso, a São Paulo native. Guilherme was brought up with music in his home. The soundtrack to his youth was the music of the samba and the captivating rhythms of capoeira. We had such a great time learning about his studies and how music has found a way into many areas of his life!


Guilherme studied at the Universidade Paulista, where he received his bachelor’s degree in Biomedicine. He began his specialization in Music Therapy in 2017. Through these studies Guilherme has managed marry his passion for music his career in neurosciences.


Gillian and Guilherme talked about the Batucada’s he is involved with, Brazils unique rythms and musical styles, Capoeira, and of course we had a few laughs! 


Marcos Suzano

Marcos is one of the greatest pandeiro players of all time. We were honoured to share time with him in Brazil! We shared stories about percussion and learned what brought him to his art! Our crew felt right at home in Marcos’ home studio. The temperature for this interview was just perfect!


We loved the directions our conversations took! Everything with Marcos was so organic, it was so easy to feel the passion he has for his craft.


Bill Lucas

Our final interview in Brazil was with the incredibly talented Bill Lucas! Gillian and Bill talked about his extensive experience as a musician on stage and in studio. Bill has participated in more that 200 CD’s!! He is the owner of the Samba School Bantu Querê, and an expert of percussion. Bill plays congas, drumset and a many of Brazil’s instruments.


Bill did a great job sharing how he adapts traditional Brazilian music to the drumset. We learned a lot about key rhythms in Brazilian music, outside of the Samba and Bossa Nova that have become popular in North America. He discussed his thoughts on musical borders, wether or not they exist and if rhythm is a universal pulse. Bill was the perfect fit to wrap things up in Brazil!


The scenery, the people, and vibe in Brazil made it one of our favourite trips so far, but our guests are really what set things apart. Everyone was down for a real conversation, and excited to share their experiences with our team! We would 10/10 recommend Brazil to a friend! We’re off to LA for some interviews next week, and then we’ll be heading to…can you guess?


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