We’re baaaaaack! LA is always a blast for our team. Our trips south of the border are always full of interesting people and great conversations. This trip is panning out the same!

Our Guests

Our crew always lines up an incredible roster of interview guests wherever we go. LA is never any different! We spend a lot of time here because the musical talent is second to none, and highly concentrated. You have some of the best percussionists from every aspect of the art living here, or coming and going from here!


We have interviewed sessions drummers, professors of music, linguists, touring drummers, competitive drummers, writers, drum teachers, fitness instructors, and specialists of many instruments and genres of music here in LA. We’ve spent time with marimba payers, snare players, frame drummers, tambourine players, and many, many players of other percussion insturments. The residents of LA are very well rounded and are a dream to work with!


This trip Gillian has, or is set to host interview Javo BarreraMona TavakoliAmi Molinelli and Eric Moore. We’ll update you on their interviews next week!


Some Favourites

Some of our favourite beaches in LA are Venice Beach, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Huntingon Beach, and of course Laguna Beach! Although we likely won’t be making it to the beach on this trip, we’re never disappointed when we have time to get some sand between our toes.

Food in LA is the bomb. There is something for everyone. From upscale, fine dining, to hole in the wall — LA has it all! Tacos and poke are on almost every casual joints menu, and they always seem to tickle our taste buds just right! But the real magic is in the some of the little Mexican restaurants. Tacos, on tacos, on tacos and we are NOT complaining. If you haven’t had some fresh pico and a plate of nachos with extra guac are you even in LA? And, only because you asked, the margaritas are okay, too…


Now, if you’re looking for a concert or just somewhere to find live music, you’re in luck. There is something going on every night! You’ll find indie bands, salsa music, open mics and headliners every night. There are a ton of apps to help you find exactly what you’re looking for and an Uber to get you there! If that’s not your jam take a walk around a busy street and you’ll be sure to find someone busking!


The moral of the story is we love LA! See you all back here next Thursday to fill you in on this weeks interviews and our next big trip!

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