If you don’t have a certain 2002 Will Smith track blaring through your ear buds (or air pods) when you arrive in Miami are you even IN Miami?


South Beach

Bringin’ the heat.. too much with the Will Smith? Nah, never!!!


It’s beautiful in Southern Florida. The neighbourhood of South Beach is just east of Miami proper, and it’s fantastic. The beaches here are so unique, the life guard towers are painted in bright, bright colours and built in interesting shapes.


The sunsets were incredible each day. And after dark South Beach is LIT — literally the streets light right up! The buildings along Ocean Drive are all illuminated with neon lights, it’s quite the spectacle. The lively area has much to offer in the way of dining and night life, we were very impressed with the Florida feeeeling!

Little Havana

Sooo, this has to be where Guy Fieri is talking about when he says Flavourtown, right? The Cuban cuisine is wild here! We’re pretty certain you can’t find any Cuban joints as authentic at the ones in Little Havana, stateside anyways. We’re still drooling over the food, and the music is playing in our ears!


While walking around and checking out the vibrantly coloured buildings and landmarks in Little Havana, our explorations director stumbled across an older gentlemen. She sat down and shared stories with him. He invited her to stick around and watch what would happen next. Over the next while, three more men trickled in, and started setting up a table to play dominos at. The four men meet every Thursday, same time, same place! They painted the perfect picture of their lives here, and we’ll remember them for a long time.

Wynwood Walls

After wrapping up in Little Havana our crew set out for the Wynwood Walls to shoot some b-reel. The outdoor space is an urban graffiti gallery. Talk about jaw dropping, and quite possibly one of the crown jewels of Miami! The quality of the work is impeccable. Detail on detail on detail, and all with an aerosol can! Check out some of the works here @ktrainmusicstudios.


Next week we’ll talk about the excursions and the wilderness of the Everglades and Key West! Oh, and the wild lightning storm…

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