Last Thursday we closed things off with a line from Anne Frank’s Diary. Anne journaled her life over two years while she was hiding in an annex in German Occupied Holland, now known as the Netherlands. Her stories were published in 1947, three years after her death.


D-Day 75 in the Netherlands

We had an amazing time in the Netherlands and we made our exit on the 75th anniversary of D-Day. We don’t get political or touch on too many subjects like this, but it’s impossible to have been in a place so significant to the events of June 6, 1944 and not talk about it.


Let’s think about the music Anne would hear on her radio when she mustered the courage to listen. The small joys that she felt, and the calm in her mind from the sounds of music through the speakers. The calm she experienced, and the quiet in her mind when she wasn’t thinking about what was going on outside of her walls. Music is relief, it is medicinal.


Music has long been a place of solace for people during war times and depressions. We can imagine the subtle taps and rhythms found in each the day just to pass the time. Someone quietly humming or whistling a tune – and a smile creeping into the corners of Anne’s mouth.


We walked by Anne’s home many times during our visit in the Netherlands, and we gave her a little smile each time.



Along with Anne Frank’s house we visited many other attractions. The Red Light District provided some interesting sights, that’s for sure! The canals and bridges through the city are like veins, always flowing. Windmills at Zaanse Schane, Zaadam – amazing! The picturesque Dutch Landscape was like something from a story book. Vondelpark at sunset, with bikes whizzing by and the air abuzz with people chattering as they flew along the path.


Another favourite spot was the NDSM Werf. A former shipyard turned cultural-hub. Murals by local and world renowned artist cover the tall, vast walls. The NDSM Werf covers over 13 acres and is home to many popular restaurants, bars, and a multitude of festivals!



After our departure from the Netherlands our team arrived in Madagascar safely this past weekend. Our crew has immersed themselves in their surroundings and Malagasy Culture!


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