So, we wrapped in Madagascar last week but we have a little more to share… It was a quick trip 😉 home to Canada, and then back to Africa again! This time, Northern Africa! Today our crew landed in Morocco, Marrakech to be exact!


The Final Days in Madagascar

We had some of the most amazing experiences of our life in Southeastern Africa. Lemurs leaping around us playfully as we shot footage for Gimme The Beat.


Some of our final footage was really quite spectacular. We were surrounded by a whole bunch of ring tailed lemurs who put on quite the show around our crew. We can’t begin to describe how cool these guys are, especially in the wild. They are incredibly curious and charismatic. These guys became widely recognizable after a few animated films came out, and are now, unfortunately, an endangered species. We were absolutely over the moon to quietly capture these creatures as they interacted among our crew and in their natural habitat!


Zaza Kanto Gasy

Zaza Kanto, “The Underground Boys of Tana” are a Malagasy group made up of 8 talented kids. The kids of Zaza Kanto are finally getting a bit of recognition on the web, and were so excited to meet our crew! The boys, ages 10-16, are from the same extended family and sing in an a cappella style. They sometimes accompany their street and stage performances with drums, percussion instruments, and/or beatboxing. These kids are individually talented, and as a group they are unmatched. The boys preform every Sunday outside of a hostel in Antananarivo. Safe to say we were left with a bit of a lump in our throats after this interaction.


When we said it was a quick trip, we meant 20 hours… Not bad in our standards, especially when we flew through Paris!


So our first impression is a good one! It is beautiful here. We are surrounded by a wonderful pallet of colours. Rich earth tones and spice hues, terracotta, turmeric yellow, and the bright cobalt blue of the sea.


The tile work is immaculate, and we are enjoying the robust flavours of Morrocan foods, but more on that next week!

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