Hey Guys, so we’re back sooner than usual! We were a day late last week and here we are a day early this week!Β  We’ve had one of the quietest weeks in the way of travel in the last few months. Everyone was at home for a few days at the same time! That’s nearly unheard of. It was awesome to get together and have a quick chin-wag before we we’re all heading back on the road again!


It took a minutes to get here, but we’re sure glad we’ve made it. The milk run across Canada! Nanaimo > Calgary > Toronto > Nashville through the night! Save for one X on a duty slip and a subsequent extra security check we had a very smooth trip!


Where do you stand on the age-old airplane elbow debate? Each seat gets an amenity, right? Window seat gets, well the window! Aisle seat gets an armrest and the aisle, and the poor middle seat gets two armrests! Right?! We were pretty lucky to have some great seat mates on all of our flights down!


The weather is looking up as Nashville narrowly missed Tropical Storm Barry, a bit of rain, but not much else. Today the weather is a balmy 31, but we’re not complaining! We’re expecting to see a bit of lightning while we’re here, but maybe thats because Carrie Underwood is in town.


Tomorrow Summer NAMM Starts and we are excited to catch up with all of the vendors we’ve met so far! We’re hoping to see a few familiar faces, and meet some awesome new friends!


Our B-reel team departs for Turkey tomorrow, Istabul here we come! We’ll be spending a few days touring around the country, visiting mosques, landmarks and touring cymbal manufacturers.


Turkey is the birthplace of the cymbal, and no one does it quite like they do!



Just a quick note to keep everyone in the loop for this week but you can expect a full run down on our time at Summer NAMM next week! Let the games begin!

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