Hot, Humid, Hospitable, and one Heck of a good time, that’s what Nashville is! Did you think we were going to talk about 4H as in ‘head, heart, hands, and health?’ Got ya!


First Impressions

We got you up to speed on our travel route in last weeks blog. But, we’ll remind you anyhow! We took a red-eye across the Canada and headed south from Toronto. Needless to say, our red-eye flight had us in Nashville bright and early at about 9:10 am. We grabbed our bags and hopped in an Uber and headed downtown to check into our hotel. It was a quick ride to where we were staying! We have to give our hotel, Holiday Inn and Suites Downtown Nashville, a huge shout out – awesome rooms, great front end and dinning staff, and an awesome housekeeping team. Did we mention Nashville is hospitable!?

On the suggestion of our concierge, Tony, we took a quick look out our hotel windows and down at Martin’s BBQ Joint. There was no line!! We knew we wouldn’t see another opportunity like this again, so we headed on over. BBQ for breakfast? Yes, one million times yes! Please take our advice when we say you HAVE to go to Martin’s if you’re in Nashville. A close second was the experience we had at Merchants. Hospitality is their shtick, and the food was excellent!

Enough of the food – onto the show!!

Summer NAMM

Wow! What a difference from The NAMM Show in Anaheim! Summer NAMM is a much smaller show, and it is a lot slower paced. This allowed us to speak directly with vendors about their products and hear about what brought them to the show. The southern hospitality Nashville is known for was alive and well inside the walls of the Music City Centre!



Our first, and favourite, session of the show was the 8:00am Breakfast Session on Day 1. The topic was Industry Disruptors, and our favourite speaker was Michael Cathrea, owner of Resonate Music School. Resonate has revolutionized the landscape of lesson studios by introducing programs and options that work for students, and their families – and it’s working.


The always engaging Mallory Nees from wowed us with her insight, delivering a well updated session! We like her tone, and that she says she likes to “harass” her favourite musicians on Social – she was only joking, of course!




We had a really, really awesome time interaction with vendors at Summer NAMM this year! It was a neat change of pace from the full-on winter installation of the show. Now, we LOOOOVE Winter NAMM! However, there is certainly a time and place for everything! Summer in Nashville is the perfect place for a slowed down, intimate version of the trade show we all know and love!


We had a lot of favourites, in saying that, a few that stood out! We spent time at the BaldMan Percussion booth, listening to demos of their Best In Show winner – the Junk Hat! An 808 sound, made organically right from your kit!


Native Tongue Percussion had a variety of odds and ends to level up your drum kit, and an awesome pair of vendors manning the booth!


We met Haru Yoshida of Koide Cymbals, Japans only cymbal manufacturer! Haru was super into the products he was showing off, and was enjoying his time at his first NAMM Show!

There were so many amazing vendors at this years show and we had the pleasure of spending time in a multitude of awesome booths including Hal Leonard (Where we met Fred Gretch!!! Thank you Maribeth!), ATV Corporation (aDrums), Alfred Music, Evans & Promark, Artesia, PMC Speakers, MXL Microphones and many, many more!!

A huge thank you to everyone who shares a passion for music, and in particular percussion that had an interest in Gimme the Beat! We loved sharing the ideas behind the project, and hearing which of everyones friends and colleagues is tied to the project!


Until January, NAMM Friends!!




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