With everone is home it was time to get to it! We carved out the perfect time slot for an at-home interview!

The Studio

As some of you know our studio has gotten a bit of a face lift over the last while. Fresh paint and new floors in the lobby has got us feeling some kind of way! It’s always felt welcoming at K-Train, but the polish has feeling super inspired lately.


Our booth has been equipped with top of the line gear, any sound engineers dream, since we opened our doors, so it was a breeze to set up the mics, cameras, and lighting and get down to business with our interview guest!


Harvey Thompson

This week Harvey Thompson, one half of BYOS – Bring Your Own Style (2/2 Ralph Nader) and the Assistant Percussion Director of the Blue and Gold Marching Machine joined us at home for a one on of a kind interview.


Harvey showed off his chops and wowed us with a bit of a spelling bee. Have you heard of the BYOS Alphabet? Harvey and his bandmate Ralph translated the alphabet into drum rudiments. “If you can say it, you can play it,” is Harvey’s position. Let us know if you can spell your name, too!


Harvey, being a North Carolina A&T Drum Corps grad, and now a faculty member shed a lot of light into the world of school band and drum line. We were super impressed with Harvey’s in depth knowledge of marching band culture. Harvey shared his experiences with the Cold Steel Band and marching in nationally recognized parades. We also heard about his time touring with Peter Fox and Seeed before we wrapped things up for the evening!


It was awesome to conduct an interview at home in our own studio, and Harvey was the perfect guest! Next up, Portugal!

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