Wow, the since we’ve been home from Portugal time has sure flown by! Everyone is gearing up for back to school, and we are organizing lesson schedules, amongst other things at the studio! Next week we have some AWESOME interviews at home! As per last weeks blog, we’re

here to dish on our interviews is Portugal!!


The first portion of our trip was spent in romantic Lisbon, where it’s all rolling hills and dreamy, winding roads. We found our way around quickly, and jumped headway into interviews! We did things a little differently on this trip. We had some of our guests join us in Portugal from their home countries.


Bill Bruford

Bill Bruford is a legendary British drummer best known for his work with Yes and King Crimson. You can also call him king of the paradiddle! Bruford is credited on many live albums and countless studio albums. His work really speaks for itself.


Now retired, Bruford has made his focus creativity. Specifically rhythmic creativity. Bill has studied, through his own career and sharing the studio and stage with other musicians, what causes creativity in a musician – how it comes about, and how to tap into the phenomenon. Bills studies are relevant in almost any situation, however.


Our talks with Bill were easy, and incredibly informative. He is a wealth of knowledge, and we can only imagine what a dream touring with Bill would have been during his working years! Needless to say, we are really excited to share more on this interview with all of you!

Landing Mané

Landing Mané, native to Senegal, met our crew in Portugal, travelling from England where he has been living for a number of years. Mané is a multi-insturmental powerhouse with a background in traditional Senegalese music and dance.

Our talks encompassed what drew Landing to the arts, along with his strong knowledge of West African traditions. Landing also has a deep understanding on the traditions of Guinea, Mali, and the Ivory Coast.


Sharing this time in Portugal was certainly an experience to remember!

Renato Martins

Renato Martins was our final interview guest in Lisbon, and he was an awesome guest. When the conversation flows easily, and you are able to tap deep into the vein of passion, it’s impossible to have a poor interview!


Renato is a renowned Brazilian percussionist – we love how he paints the perfect picture of Brazilian rhythm with such little effort. A musician at heart, Renato’s talents span many genres. His work as a classically trained pianist and a composer offer a unique perspective for latin, and world rhythms! The perfect finish in Lisbon!


Monsanto has to be one of our favourite location yet! All of Portugal is incredible, but there is really something in the air in Monsanto! The village is built on hard granite, with Mount Monsanto rising steeply upwards, something about the harsh geography of the area makes it super special, as if there is a reason people settled exactly there, all those centuries ago.

Amélia Fonseca

It’s sort of a theme around here. Our team is always excited for our interviews, and we were super interested in what Amélia Fonseca would be sharing with us. That being said, nothing, in a million years, could ever have prepared us for our time with Amélia and the Aduferias of Monsanto, Portugal.


The Aduferias honour an age old tradition that has been passed down through many, many generations! We’re very thankful to have spent time with this incredible group of women. The music of the Adufe, in and of itself, is very unique, but these talented women had such a strong knowledge of their craft, and an unwavering respect for the roots that brought the tradition to them.


We are absolutely relishing in the memories of Monsanto. And, we are extremely grateful to have been part of one of, in our opinion, Portugals most sacred traditions.

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