We’ll, that was fast! Now, let’s get back to the grind.



Here we are, with the first week of September nearly gone, and the fall equinox quickly approaching. On Vancouver Island schools have gone back into session, and our city is abuzz with the new semester ahead of us. We’re connecting to change, and a lot of us are grounding ourselves with a schedule after the freedom summer has provided us.


September is a great time for new beginnings. New studies, new jobs, new connections. We’re here for it! While you’re taking a look at the coming months, what does your schedule look like? Are you cramming it full of things you aren’t sure if you’ll get to? Have you penciled in time for just you? Breathe. Think about your goals, and make sure they’re attainable and that you’re doing at least one thing for yourself.


I know you’ve probably heard of the Sunday Scaries by now, and the September Scaries are a thing, as well. We can easily banish them when we allow ourselves the time to slow down, connect to our own rhythm and allow the seasons of our lives to change freely. This is easily achievable when we employ goal setting!


This works if you’re a new musician looking to try out a course of lessons, a band looking to release a single or an EP, or a client who is trying to hit a deadline. The magic is, we’re here to help you crush your goals. We work for you!


How can we help?

K-Train Music Studios’ fully qualified team is here to arrange the perfect set up for you, whatever it may be.


Lessons? Our teachers are fantastic and have years of experience. They are ready and willing to take on new students, as well as musicians who have a few years under their belts looking to hone their skills.


Voice over work? Our studio team is looking forward to finding the perfect voice talent for your project! Audio book, commercial? You name it, we do it! Our team is intuitive and experienced in selecting talent with the proper energy and enunciation for every job. We are committed to delivering a high-quality, broadcast-ready product for you to use. Request a quote here.


Production? Recording, mixing, mastering, arranging? We’ve got a person for the job. Wether you have all of the parts for your song composed and recored, or you’re starting from scratch. We are here to help you every step of the way. Putting your work in the hands of another person, while making sure your masterpiece is exactly what you want can be difficult, but it’s is exactly why we’re here.


Our team of professionals is here to help you see your vision, and your goal become a reality. If you’re ready to meet, and exceed your expectations we’re here for you!

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