In the wake of the finale of America’s Got Talent we’re thinking about music as medicine again. Kodi Lee, an exceptionally talented singer and pianist, won America’s Got Talent last night!


Kodi Lee, the oldest of three children, is a 22 year old man who is crushing his goals. Kodi is blind and autistic. He is also one of 25 people in the world who are musical prodigious savants. This means that Kodi can hear any song and play it perfectly, just moments later. Kodi has the astounding ability to sing songs in several languages other than english, including Japanese! He is a musical superhero.


Kodi uses music to communicate his feelings. His family says that his musical abilities have saved his life. Autism is a spectrum disorder, and each diagnosis is unique. For Kodi, there are difficulties processing emotions, one way this is demonstrated is by his spontaneous laughter. In addition this processing issue, Mr. Lee finds it difficult to articulate feelings of fear and concerns for his safety. Kodi’s mom can be quoted saying that his passion for music has helped to combat the tantrums he would experience daily.


We’re glad Kodi has found his passion, and are thrilled he was recognized by the AGT Organization! What a deserving champion!


The GTB Lens


Through Gimme The Beat we have been fortunate to touch on Music Therapy  before. Specifically during interview with Paolo Rossetti Murittu, conducted at Tamburi Mundi. Our interview revealed Paolo as an esteemed Music Therapist, we touch on that here.


In addition to our interview with Paolo, and several other percussionist who are involved in music therapy, we were brought back to the fundamentals. Rhythm is communication in its rawest form. Of course offering a way to people who have troubles communicating their emotions and wishes would thrive in an environment where expression some so freely.


We hope that everyone takes a moment to assess how music may positively impact their lives. You may be shocked by what studying another instrument or form of music does for your preferred practice!

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