Johnny Vidacovich brought the stoke after a week in the studio working on the back end of Gimme the Beat.


If you don’t know who Johnny Vidacovich is, do yourself a favour and familiarize yourself! Johnny is the quintessential jazz musician, and a world class percussionist. The way Johnny carries himself screams jazz. He’s all relaxed and his limbs move as if they are swaying in the wind, seemingly care free.


If there is one thing we’ve noticed that all of the greats have in common, it’s that they are unpretentious. They want to impart the wisdom they have on the people who they share with. Both through conversation, and song. This is exactly how Johnny moves through life.


Vidacovich took up drumming at the age of ten. Growing up in jazz central, New Orleans, Louisiana provided a backdrop of sounds that is unparalleled the world over. NOLA is the birthplace of jazz, and being born into that is something you can’t compare to, it’s like having jazz running though your veins at birth.



The VooDoo rhythms of the Big Easy provided remarkable influence to his style. However, Johnny brings something to the table that is often imitated, but never duplicated. Johnny’s four way independence and the way he throws his body around a drum set is something you just can’t replicate. He is really one of a kind.



During our conversation Johnny pointed to his drum set and said “This is a bunch of stuff. It’s intimidating, expensive and noisy. You know, music has to come from within. You are the real drum.” This statement may seem simple, but it is the essence of a music making – no matter the form.


Thanks for the great conversations, subtle reminders, and profound lessons today, Johnny! We hope you’ll come back to Canada soon!

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