It has been a super busy week in the studio with some very talented artists, and a wicked crew. It’s impossible not to love what you’re doing when you’re working on a project that is at it’s very core is about rhythm, something everyone involved is passionate about.


David Garibaldi

We got together with David Garibaldi at the studio on Tuesday morning. David was meticulous in his set up, and his performance was clean and precise as he grooved along. Our session snuck into the afternoon, and none of us even noticed because the energy was a-flowing.


After his discharge from the US Air Force, David started his work with Tower of Power. The incredible R&B horn band has been around since the 70’s and is still killing it today. David has been with the band since then, too!


His work paved the way for the drummers who would follow in his footsteps. David lead the charge for R&B drummers in the 70’s and many, many percussionists look up to him today. His grooves are referenced as devastatingly funky, and he proved that to be true in the studio on Tuesday.

Ball Zee

Patrick Hirst, aka Ball Zee – general noisemaker. His words, but we tend to agree. Patrick is a vocal percussionist, and a one man wrecking crew. His beats are SICK. It’s hard to explain just what our interview focused on because of the complexity of his craft. He broke it down for us.


Patrick told us that, for him, his relationship with beatboxing started before he even realized it. He recalls watching Police Academy and trying to mimic the sounds “Motor Mouth” Jones would make. At 13 Patrick started playing around with beats and started to train himself to manipulate sounds with his vocals. He was hooked. Now, he needed to figure out how to make every sound.


Where it got crazy was when Ball Zee started isolating the sounds that he puts into each beat. He explained how drum sounds are made with the lip muscles, and then he would add a hum into the beat through his nose. Next, inward vs outward breathing. Activating the diaphragm and adding sounds with your hands and body. Our minds were blown, there is so much to the noise making!


Patrick is an immensely talented beatboxer, and he is a master performer. He talked about learning how to work a crowd, create a rhythm, and about building a set. When you hear the sounds Patrick makes, you if it is coming from a human body. His goal is to perform sounds that are so refined they sound like they have been mixed and mastered already.


As we wrap up an amazing week on Vancouver Island we are readying ourselves for another awesome roster of talent next week. Then it’s off to India!

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