So, our Thursday blog is coming to you on a sunny Friday from Vancouver Island! As you know, our crew is back from Mumbai. We have had some time to decompress and settle into our routine at the studio. Now we’re ready to share all about our time on the other side of the world!


Asia Music Vision Recording Studio

Asia Music Vision is in the heart of Bollywood. This made the studio the perfect location for all of our interviews.


It was a no-brainer when we were sourcing locations. The facility is beautiful, clean, and all of the equipment is well maintained. As advertised, AMV is home to the perfect blend of vintage and state of the art technologies. The studio employs a team of professionals who are thrilled to help you create the perfect audio for your project, or let you take the reins.


Rakitha Wickramaratne

Rakitha Wickramaratne, who hails from Sri Lanka, joined us at the studio in Mumbai for his session. We learned about his start as a percussionist at just 6 years old. Rakitha also shared about his time as a student at the Prince of Wales College Moratuwa and the Royal College Colombo. As his career progressed Rakitha founded Naadro, a percussion group with five members.


Sivamani is a multi-insturmental percussionist who’s arsenal includes the octoban, darbuka, udukai, and the ghatam to name a few. We love the vibrant attitude Sivamani brings to the table. He spoke about what rhythm means to him, and how this affects his life! Siv is sponsored by Zildjian, Pearl, Roland, ABK, and Remo. He is one of the foremost percussionists in India, and his group Asia Electrik is very well known!

Gino Banks

Gino Banks comes from long line of musicians, and basicly lays it down as soon as his sits behind his kit. We don’t think Gino has ever had an “off day.” We loved his vibe, and were totally into the flow of his work. Gino’s work as a Bollywood Sessions artist speaks for itself with the countless credits he has under his belt. He is a jazz, rock, fusion artist and his passion for making music shines through all of his tracks. We had such a great time with Gino, and we will wait hopefully for our paths to cross again. Maybe we’ll even get to check out his studio!!

Bickram Ghosh

We don’t know if anyones fingers move faster than Bickrams! Did you catch the clips we shared on our social? We keep looking back at the footage and are in serious shock – the clips are not on fast forward, we promise.


Bickram is recognized as one of the greatest tabla players the world over. He has recorded many Grammy nominated tracks, and has had some success at the Grammy’s as well. Mr. Ghosh is a pioneer in the world of new fusion sounds! You can check out his group Rhythmscape and some of his solo tracks for yourself if you want to get a better idea of what we’re talking about!


We wrapped a great interview with Jim Riley at our studio yesterday, and we are looking forward to more interviews at home over the next week! Then, off to Africa!

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