WOAH! This week sure flew by! Anyone else’s head still spinning from all of the Christmas Magic!?? We had a great holiday season and we’re excited to see some new faces for lessons in the new year! This week we’re talking Interviews. Greg Errico and Rayford Griffen wrapped up our interviews for 2019, this week we’ll cover our time with Errico!

Greg Errico


Can anyone say Woodstock?

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-er Greg Errico was the original drummer for Sly and The Family Stone. His group broke ground in several ways by being the first mixed race, and mixed gender group to really hit it big.  The band was active from 1966 through 1983 and gracefully brought Flower Power into the next era, all while laying the groundwork for what would become hip-hop music. After so many years the groups groovy tunes still hold up today.

Gregs work extends well beyond his time with the band. He spent time touring with acts such as David Bowie and Weather Report. Errico has also collaborated with a huge range of musicians from Santana to Betty Davis and Journey to the Grateful Dead. 

Errico notes that rhythm, pulse, drums are a very powerful thing in nature. He sys to have that, and to elaborate on it is a gift. One that has created some very interesting things, and set the stage for some interesting things to happen in his music.

We spoke about rhythm being a first language of humanity. How it seems  inarguable that we communicated with rhythm. Be it by striking something, or possibly through vocal percussion. As we wound down for the day we know we would look back on the day fondly.


Next up, Rayford Griffin!





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