Hey everyone! We’re so glad you’re here with us to start this decade off!

It was an incredible year for our studio and our projects and we’re going to give you the final wrap!

Rayford Griffin


Griffin grew up as the son of a Reverend, and in a very musical family. Rayford’s uncle was famed trumpeter Clifford Brown, and his mother studied music at Howard University.


Rayford dropped by our studio for some conversation about rhythm, and how percussion has guided him through life. We talked about how emotion is a large part of music, and of rhythm in particular.  “You can play from a purely technical standpoint, and you can play truly from your heart, there’s a difference,” he said.  “Some of the greatest players, it’s coming from a deep place, not just book learning and practise.”


The South


Our crew took a final jet down south for the year and arrived in Memphis, Tennessee and then it was off to Muscle Shoals, Alabama. We shot a ton of b-reel and context footage in these two amazing southern music cities.


Memphis is know as the Birthplace of the Blues, for the music scene Beale Street (think The Jungle Room), and of course for Elvis and his Graceland Estate. We were obviously geeking out on history, vintage and top of the line gear, and that feeling of the beginning of something. It was epic.

After a pleasant few days in Memphis the crew headed for Muscle Shoals, Alabama on the shores of the Tennessee River. Of course we visited FAME (Florence Alabama Music Enterprises) which put Muscle Shoals on the map as the Hit Recording Capital of the World.


Many of the records we have been listening to for years were recorded here, and a lot of today’s pop music, too. Think Etta James’ “Tell Mama,” The Aretha Franklin’s “I Never Loved a Man Like I Love You,” and “The Bird” by Jerry Reed. These are just a few of the time tested albums recorded at FAME Studios. Man, if those walls could talk.

Thank you all so much for coming along with us as we explore the roots of rhythm around the world. Next our crew is off the Toronto for a week booked solid with interviews! Here’s to another great year!



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