It was great to start the year off back east. Our crew made their way to Toronto, Ontario and settled in at Baldwin Street Sound for some sick sessions. We skipped out on weather that was registering as around the same temperature as it was here in Toronto, but we found ourselves a few flurries!

Beibei Wang

Our first interview of the year was with Beibei Wang, a highly-regarded multi-percussionist who holds a double masters. With degrees from both England and China, she has built quite the reputation for herself. Her fluidity around her insturments was something quite remarkable, and the sounds she created left vibrations in our bones.

Beibei shared how hearing other musicians play traditional chinese music inspires her to further the mastery of her craft. She says it offers her stimulation for new, and fresh ideas, which she sees as really a beautiful process.  When everyone is trying to work on their version of traditional music, Beibei feels that it can only elevate the new music coming from the practices.

Larnell Lewis

We caught up with Larnell Lewis, Toronto Native and Snarky Puppy Percussionist, at Baldwin Street Sound where we have been conducting our interviews. The studio is amazing, and we were so excited to have Larnell join us for a session.


We talked about Larnell’s musical roots in teh church and his connection to Gospel Music. Growing up in the church brought him to the drums. He shared on his upbringing and how his father was typically found chasing him around with an old relic of a video camera. 


For the last several years Larnell has been making music with Snarky Puppy, a band who is known for its improvisation. When Larnell got behind his kit he was just grooooooving along, you could really feel the freedom he felt as he arranged his preformance.  

We have some more increcibly, amazingly, awesome sessions to update you on next as we wrap up this trip to Toronto and send some of our team down to California to attend the NAMM Show! Will we see you there?



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