Way back when we were in Toronto we interviewed Waleed Abulhamind and Ravi Niampally. Okay, so it wasn’t actually very long ago at all, but we have been zipping all over North America for the last few weeks so it seems a little further away than it really is.


Waleed Abulhamind

Waleed began carving his way to the top of his profession at the age of six. He was born in Sudan, and at a young age he found himself travelling through Northern Africa and The Middle East blending the traditional music he knew so well with the popular music he was hearing. At 18, and with an extensive, multi-instrumental repertoire, Waleed left Sudan for Germany and several other locations in Europe.


We had great talks with Waleed, and were very impressed by his precise rhythms, and his commanding presence.

Ravi Niampally

Ravi Niampally is the founder of Rhythm House School of Music, which focuses on Hindustani and Western insturments. Ravi has long been a cornerstone in the South Asian Community in Toronto, where he has been recognized for his dedication.

Ravi has been nominated for several Junos, and has contributed to Juno Award Winning Music. His passion for cross-cultural rhythms is impressive, and his skill with Tabla is remarkable. We loved connecting with Ravi on his upbringing, his mentorship with his Uncle and other prominent Tabla players.

We’ll be back soon with a run-down on our time in Trinidad and Tobago. See you then!

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