Woah, it’s been a minute. Things have been changing rapidly since we last posted. Borders are shut to all non-essential travel, so, of course, we will be shacked up in Canada for a while! It’s an ever changing situation for all of us, but we hope you can find comfort in art, music, and the connections you hold dear. We’re just a click away if you would like to work on a project during this time!!


While we staying put for the time being we do have some travels to update you on! Earlier this year we spent some time in Switzerland. The festival we had traveled to Basel for was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


When we arrived

The town of Basel, where we stayed for the majority of our time in Switzerland was charming. The people were very hospitable, and we can’t forget to mention the cheese. If there is one thing you take our advice on it is that, at least once in your life, you have a proper Swiss Fondue! Devine! Now, beyond the food the percussionists we interviewed in Basel were incredible. In fact, when we found our that Fasnacht, or Carinval of Basel would be cancelled, one of the people who helped us on set with an earlier interview set up a fantastic performance in a small, isolated group setting. We’ll share more on our interviews soon!

Next Up

We had made the trip to Switzerland and at the time there were no instructions to return to our home country, so once we had wrapped interviews (more on this later) we headed for the breathtaking Swiss Alps. The area we visited was daunting. It’s one of those places that you don’t quite grasp until you’re there. The snowcapped mountain peaks all around you and the cold, crisp mountain air on your cheeks were inspiring.

More on Switzerland shortly, and you can look forward to details on our amazing interviews from the past while!

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