Audiobook production and audiobook recording, including narration / voice over talent, mixing and mastering. Bring your book to life with energy, enunciation and intensity, brought together with a full soundscape, presented in broadcast & sales ready format.

Included With Audiobook Production Services


  • Audiobook Narrator – Narration by Professional Voice Over Actors
  • Audiobook Recording – Soundscape integration
  • Audiobook Production – Mixing / Mastering
  • Audiobook Publishing – File prep for your Audiobook recording, in a publisher ready format

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Frequently Asked Questions


How-to: Record an Audiobook

This has several steps, depending on the client’s needs (we can assist as much or as little with any of these steps)

  • Decide how many VO actors you need (does your story require more than one voice/character or can they all be read, like a book, by the same person?)
  • Decide if you would prefer a female or a male voice to read
  • Submit your project to us (ideally in word format or pdf)
  • Once we agree on terms, we will read your project in our studios using High Quality equipment and microphones.
  • We will submit a short clip of the read to you for review, if you like it, we will complete the reading/recording.
  • After the project is read, we will edit the audio (a thorough review, making sure all the parts are volume balanced and that there are no pops or buzz or any mistakes)
  • You will then receive High Quality .wav files of all the audio that was read (usually separated into chapters).
  • Should you want us to help you take the next step, that is package it for release, feel free to chat with us about that too.


How long does it take to record an audio book?
This has to be on a case-by-case basis due to several factors.

  • Length: Is it a 10 page children’s book or a 1000 page novel?
  • Content: Is the text all in standard English? If we need to research pronunciations for technical terms or foreign language terms, additional time could be required.
  • Voice Over talent requirements: Does you want one voice reading the whole project? Do you need several voices to represent different characters?
  • Scheduling: Accommodate that Voice Over artists need to schedule it in, and can sometimes get very busy if you would really like a particular voice for your book.