Interested in making a documentary? You are the expert on the topic at hand, and we are the documentary production company that are experts at bringing that topic to life on screen! We offer documentary video production & project management services, creating documentaries that shine a light on your topic in an engaging & compelling story.

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  • Documentary Video Production
  • Documentary Audio & Voice Overs
  • Broadcast / Screen Ready

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How to Make a Documentary: Tips & First Steps


So, you want to make a documentary! Here are a few tips and a basic idea of the steps required to get your documentary off the ground.


  1. Entertain: Remember your documentary is a piece of entertainment – so make it entertaining! Choose a story you care about, and that is compelling.
  2. Research: Michael Moore offers this tip: “Don’t tell me **** I already know.” Gather facts and figures, interview people, and find out the deep details behind the story you want to tell.
  3. Contract a Filmmaker: Find someone who will work with you to help you achieve your vision. A good documentary filmmaker can help with shot lists, locations, filming, post production, and distribution.
  4. Write a Script: Yes, that’s right, even a documentary needs a script! Remember, you are telling a story, not giving a lecture. The script should take your research and frame it into an engaging narrative, achieving step #1: Entertainment!
  5. Start Filming: Shoot real scenes, try to avoid overly staged / scripted settings. Don’t be afraid to shoot candidly or behind the scenes, or to film people who disagree with you!
  6. Edit, Add Audio, Master: Cut the scenes that don’t help tell the story. Cut anything boring. Distill the message, and refine your film to a solid, shining gem of information and entertainment! This includes proper sound engineering – in many cases, sound will tell a story that image alone can never achieve. Proper audio is key to a successful documentary.
  7. Distribution: Take your completed film and publicize it! In many cases, your filmmaker can help you choose the right format and channels for distribution and marketing.